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Kit Cat Photography - pictures of pets and their people


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Your Bio

My name is Angie and I'd like to thank you for visiting Kit Cat Photography. I enjoy getting to know my clients and it shows in my photos. I try to capture the spark that defines a moment or a personality. My style is journalistic which means that I shoot what I see without doing a lot of staging. If you have a particular idea in mind, I'm always happy to try to share your vision. The result often looks very natural with a hint of magic. Photographing kids and animals takes a certain combination of skill, patience and luck to get a great shot. I am my own worst critic and I'll keep working until I am satisfied with the outcome.

Photo sessions are $150 and last one or two hours based on how cooperative the subject is. You will also receive a $50 photo credit valid for 1 month from the session date. I photograph cats in their homes; dogs, horses or other subjects can be scheduled at home or on location. I specialize in pets, but enjoy children as well. Pricing information for the photos is available by clicking "buy" on any of the pictures for sale in my galleries.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and have been upgrading cameras ever since my first Kodak “Disc” camera in middle school. I got more serious about photography when I started volunteering with Heartland Humane Society of Missouri and realized how difficult it is to get a good pet portrait. I signed on to take website pictures of adoptable pets and learned a lot through trial and error. It takes a special picture to help a pet stand out from the rest on adoption websites! I decided to polish my skills by taking a series of classes and joining photography clubs. I will always be a student of photography and invite you to share my journey.

Rescue is still my passion and I volunteer with several rescue groups to do their website photos at no charge. I also run fundraisers for rescue groups including doing calendars, mini portrait sessions and teaching animal massage workshops. If you know of a rescue group who needs a photographer, just let me know!

You can contact Angie via email at or at 636-459-5478

Become a fan of Kit Cat Photography on Facebook at to see my latest work and to find out about upcoming events.